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Dr Sagiv Kolkovski

Dr Sagiv Kolkovski

Co-founder and Director at Nutrakol Pty Ltd , which develops and manufactures nutritional and health solutions for aquaculture. 

Former Principal Research Scientist, Marine Aquaculture Group, Department of Fisheries, Western Australia.

Dr Kolkovski has significant experience with all aspects of marine aquaculture and specifically, Seriola culture. Over the past 25 years, Dr Kolkovski has designed, developed and managed many commercial projects around the world. Additionally, Dr Kolkovski advises to several foreign governments and R&D centers regarding different issues with marine aquaculture and species selection. In 2002, Dr Kolkovski introduced the Yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi as a potential aquaculture species to Western Australia. He was involved in several Seriola sp. projects in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, USA, Spain and Japan. His involvement includes hatchery design, commission production, training of technical staff, improvement of broodstock performance, larvae rearing techniques and development of systems. Dr Kolkovski has developed several unique Automated Hatchery Feeding Systems.

Dr Kolkovski was elected as a Director (second term) of the Asian Pacific Chapter (APC) of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS).

Dr Sagiv Kolkovski

Judith Kolkovski

Ms Kolkovski is a qualified naturopath, herbalist and clinical nutritionist. She holds a naturopathy diploma and B.Sc. in clinical nutrition. 

Over the years, using her expertise in food technology and phytomedicine, Ms Kolkovski has developed several products for marine organisms (microdiets, live food enrichments). Specifically, Ms Kolkovski developed broodstock additives for Seriola sp. that support and boost the hormonal cycle for out-of-season broodstock. Other natural products include larvae support additives that boost the immune system and improve growth and survival, live feed additives that reduce bacterial proliferations and antiparasitic natural additives that reduce parasite infections in cage culture. 

Ms Kolkovski is the company general manager and oversees the development of the NutraGreen line of products.

Our Difference

  • Vast and proven experience (20 years) with Seriola species and specifically Yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi at all stages.
  • Our unique, joined knowledge in aquaculture engineering, nutrition, physiology, phytomedicine, business development and culture of Seriola.
  • Development of projects from infancy to full production as well as continual support with unique products (nutrition, health) and programs (broodstock development, larvae culture optimising).