Our Previous Projects

NutraKol provided a variety of services and products and at different stages to a number of companies around the world. Here are just some of our projects.      

Chile. 'From no production to full production'

  • Completed hatchery renovation. Yellowtail kingfish hatchery renovation including larvae tank re-work and installation of new innovative outlet filters (preventing oil film and eliminating the need of surface skimmers), self-cleaning tank installation, revised live feed production unit.
  • Broodstock nutrition program was developed, enabling similar production from out-of-season groups.
  • Supply of broodstock and larvae nutritional and health additives (for over 10 years), resulting in reduced deformity to <1% and increased survival to 45%.



  • Development of unique larvae rearing system for Yellowtail kingfish. Development of rearing protocols.
  • Development of unique broodstock and larvae additives tailor-made to Seriola spp.
  • Site selection for land-based marine aquaculture for the Western Australia coast (13,000 km).
  • Supply of broodstock additives and larvae/live feed additives tailor-made for Yellowtail kingfish.



  • Improvement and re-design of hatchery and larvae tanks to suit Yellowtail kingfish. Development broodstock program.
  • Development Yellowtail kingfish larvae rearing protocols.
  • Training of technicians and consult for Yellowtail spawning, hatching and larvae rearing.



  • Design of Seriola rivoliana hatchery (the first in Mexico). Development and implementation of hatching and rearing protocols.
  • Training of hatchery technicians.
  • Company ‘in-house’ consultant.
  • Development of broodstock nutrition program and supply nutritional and health solutions, tailor-made to S. rivoliana and S. lalandi.
  • Larvae rearing training course.


Spain and Turkey

  • Development of broodstock nutrition program and supply of nutritional and health solutions tailor-made for Amber jack S. dumerili.



  • Complete business plan including budget and marketing plan (endorsed by KPMG).
  • Complete hatchery, nursery and growout (RAS) project design (including pumping, filtration, RAS, larvae, live feed, algae, nursery and growout systems, fully automatic feeding systems).
  • Writing application for none-endemic species introduction (application approved).



  • Site selection for land-based Yellowtail kingfish farm.



  • Feasibility and site selection study for Yellowtail kingfish and Amber jack farm.


South Africa

  • Design of broodstock nutrition program and supply of broodstock additives for Yellowtail kingfish.


New Zealand

  • Supply of broodstock and larvae additives for Yellowtail kingfish.


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