• In recent years, there has been growing interest in Seriola sp. as a candidate for aquaculture around the world.

    There are a number of species in the genus Seriola (Carangidae). Yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi is one of the best known Seriola species and can be found in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. S. lalandi is grown commercially in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Chile and Mexico. Two commercial recirculation systems (RAS) operate in Europe and several others are in different stages of development.

    S. lalandi is a temperate species suitable for growing in warmer water (16°C-27°C).

    Yellowtail kingfish is an ideal fish for aquaculture given its very high growth rate and high regard as a marine fish attracting high market prices.

    The fish is suitable for recirculating systems and can grow at high densities, far higher than other species, such as gilthead seabream and European seabass. It is relatively easy to culture and, unlike some other Seriola sp. (such as Amber Jack S. dumerili), it can spawn year-around without being induced.

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