From concept to an operating project – and beyond

Over the years, Nutrakol and Dr Sagiv Kolkovski have developed and supplied services and on-going support for different stages of projects globally.

Consultancy and advisory to investors including:

  • Business plan (endorsed by KPMG in previous project).
  • Site selection and recommendations (previous site selections have been carried out by Dr Kolkovski for Western Australia (13,000 km of coastline), Tunisia, Algeria, Mexico and Israel).
  • Project design – complete project design of either RAS or open system.
  • Design of water supply (sea intake, bores, filtration, RAS).
  • Design of designated areas – broodstock rooms, larvae culture, live feed and algae production, nursery and growout (land-based).
  • Upgrade and renovation/adaptation of old hatcheries to Seriola hatcheries.
  • Supplying specialised Automated Hatchery Feeding Systems for optimization of algae, live feeds and microdiet .
  • Supervision and commission of new installations (independent from supplier/installer).
  • Training technicians and implementation of rearing protocols specifically developed for Seriola sp.
  • Developing broodstock programs for year-round spawning.
  • Developing nutritional programs and supplying nutritional additives for broodstock, larvae and live feeds.

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