The Fish
Seriola sp.

A growing interest for aquaculture

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Tailor-made products

for the health and nutrition of Seriola sp.

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From concept to an operating project

we provide advice and consultancy services to investors

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The Fish, Seriola sp.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in Seriola sp. as a candidate for aquaculture around the world. 

From concept to an operating project

Nutrakol and Dr Sagiv Kolkovski have developed,  serviced and supported projects globally.

Tailor-made products for Seriola sp.  

A variety of products designed and developed for health and nutrition of Seriola sp

Experienced in all aspects of marine aquaculture
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A Few Words About Who We Are

NutraKol is an innovative and vibrant Australian company focusing on finding natural solutions for the nutrition and health of livestock and aquatic organisms.

Proven experience Unique combined knowledge From inception to full production